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Re: NU @ Stephen F. Austin

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We're improving as a ball club and GP is improve as a head coach.

Very please with GP a the helm!
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Re: NU @ Stephen F. Austin

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Had to note on this thread that Stephen F Austin is for real.( I have never heard of the school before the tourney with NU. )They now have on record their upset of Number 1 Duke. NU played them even for a half ,and only lost by 9.

College basketball still has a lot of parity much to the chagrin of the Power 5 schools who do everything they can to create imbalance. Imagine a NCAA requirement for home and home scheduling or discounting loses by mid majors for away games at Power 5 schools which would not reciprocate a game !!
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Re: NU @ Stephen F. Austin

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Watching the Maui and Atlantis Tourney's on TV, anyone else notice that the teams have as many coaches as players on roster?
What about the NCAA recognize that these are college teams not Pros and limit the number of coaches to reign in the huge advantage Power 5's have v Mid-Majors?
Can't wait to here Simon's reaction!
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