Noah Waterman to transfer (Detroit)

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Re: Noah Waterman to transfer

Post by Eagle »

Seems like an odd choice for Noah but what isn't odd in the world now?

Mike Davis, HC at Detroit, seems to have a good basketball pedigree but they were 8-23 last year, his second year.

So, Noah gets in his car next year, drives right by NU and has to drive anther 3-4 hours to Detroit, and he leaves a program with a top, up-and-comeer coach? Methinks he will second-guess his decision.

Wish him well, NU will be fine without him...
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Re: Noah Waterman to transfer (Detroit)

Post by le »

Adious --Makes zilch sense to me !
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Re: Noah Waterman to transfer (Detroit)

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Have to believe that he had set his sights higher, but then realized he better take what was offered. The whole process of his availability after high school, his lingering injury at NU, and then this transfer to Detroit makes little sense. Having said that, I wish the young man a successful journey in his life.
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Re: Noah Waterman to transfer (Detroit)

Post by arkansasdude »

We lost this kid to Detroit?!? I watched him play live at Stephen F. Austin and was impressed. What a freaking shame that we lose him to an absolute nobody school (for seemingly no good reason). He has a lot of potential and I think would have progressed tremendously under Paulus.
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