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"Calvin, Call Home" / NU Alums with the Globetrotters

Postby Eagle » Tue Sep 22, 2020 11:53 pm


"Calvin, Call Home" -- NU's MVP Calvin Murphy calling his Mom in Connecticut to let her know he was chosen to the AP All- American Basketball Team in 1969 ! He went on to a very successful NBA career in Houston -- memories for anyone ?
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Re: "Calvin, Call Home"

Postby NU1971 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:22 pm

Some players impress you at the time you see them. Others leave an impression you never forget because of their amazing performances over a period of time. For those who never saw him, I feel for ya. If you did see him play, nothing else need be said.
For a comparison of sorts, see Nate Archibald, Spud Webb, Pete Maravich, Chris Jackson, Curly Neal, James Harden, Steph Curry. All were taller exc. Webb but I don't think any were quicker.
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Re: "Calvin, Call Home"

Postby le » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:11 am

Well said NU71. Calvin was a quick as a cat...
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Re: "Calvin, Call Home"

Postby NU1971 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:38 pm

Thanks, le. Didn't the Harlem Globetrotters have eyes to get Murph back then? I seem to recall that. He would have been a big draw for them. Imagine Curly and him at the foul line feeding teammates with blind passes!

Anyone else present at the home game (don't recall the opponents), when in the freshman game, Al Williams threw a pass over his shoulder/behind his neck for a layup and in the varsity game, Murphy drove to the hoop, went up, did a split and passed the ball between his legs for a hoop?
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Re: "Calvin, Call Home"

Postby MICKEY » Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:52 pm

Al Williams had a stint with the Globetrotters if I recall.
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Re: "Calvin, Call Home"

Postby Eagle » Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:13 pm

All-Time Globetrotters

https://www.harlemglobetrotters.com/Tea ... betrotters

Reggie "Air Man" Dixon, G, 6-0, Niagara
Kenny Glenn, F, 6-6, Niagara
Charles Hoxie, F, 6-4, Niagara

Gerrod Abram G 6-1 Boston College
Angel Acuna G-F 5-11 Chihuahua State Teachers College
Melvin "MC" Adams G 5-10 San Jose Christian
Brian "Slingshot" Addison F 6-9 University of Buffalo
Joe Adkins G 6-1 Oklahoma State
Eli "The Fly" Akin G 6-1 Weatherford (Texas)
Tony Akins G 5-11 Georgia Tech
Bacari Alexander F 6-6 Detroit Mercy
Chad Allen C 7-0 Miami (Ohio)
Shagari "Skyscraper" Alleyne C 7-3 Kentucky
Peter Aluma C 6-11 Liberty University
Cliff Anderson F-C 6-5 St. Joseph's (Pa.)
Doug "Hawk" Anderson F 6-6 University of Detroit Mercy
Greg "Cadillac" Anderson F-C 6-10 Houston
Lawrence "Rock" Anderson G-F 6-0 South Carolina State
Orlando "Hurricane" Antigua F 6-8 Pittsburgh
Darnell Archey G 6-1 Butler
Jesse Arnelle C 6-5 Penn State
Darnell "Speedy" Artis G 5-7 Gwynedd Mercy University (Pa.)
Morris L. Arthur N/A N/A N/A
Robert Aston F-C 6-8 Toledo
George Atkins N/A N/A N/A
Patrick "Flip" Atkins G 5-9 Trinity International University (Ill.)
Anthony "Ant" Atkinson G 5-10 Barton College (N.C.)
Ernest Aughburns F-C 6-8 Tulane
Wilder "Spider" Auguste F 6-6 Sam Houston State
Hubert "Geese" Ausbie F 6-5 Philander Smith
Clyde "The Glide" Austin G 6-2 North Carolina State
Reginald "Rickey" Ayala G 5-7 Michigan State
James "Jumbo" Bacon F 6-9 Arizona State
Galen Baker G 6-3 Southwestern Louisiana
Anjuan "Clutch" Ball F 6-3 West Texas A&M University
"Jumpin" Joe Ballard F 6-5 Glenville State College (W.Va)
Solomon "Bam Bam" Bamiro G 6-5 Stony Brook (N.Y.)
Milton Banks F 6-7 Cal Poly Pomona
Robert Banks F 6-11 Cal State-San Bernardino
Bill Barnes F 6-6 Florida A&M
Tim Barnes G 6-0 Cal State-Bakersfield
Maurice "Stretch" Barnett C 7-0 Elizabeth City State
Donald Barnette G 6-0 Miami (Ohio)
Evin "Baller" Bartlett G 5-9 Ohio Christian University
Floyd Bates N/A N/A Flint H.S. (Mich.)
Kenny Battle F 6-6 Illinois
Albert Beard C 6-10 Norfolk State
Tydran "Crash" Beaty F 6-6 Benedict College (S.C.)
Curtis Bell G 6-1 Woodward H.S. (Ohio)
Greg Bell G 6-5 Missouri State
Tavorris Bell F 6-6 Rhode Island
Willie Bell G 6-4 Woodward H.S. (Ohio)
Arnold "A-Train" Bernard G 5-6 Southwest Missouri State
Garry "Bingo" Beverly F 6-7 Clark Atlanta University
Jimmy Blacklock G 6-2 Texas
Joe Blair F-C 6-10 Arizona
Anthony "Buckets" Blakes G 6-2 Wyoming
Larry Bleech F 6-3 Detroit Mercy
Ben Bluitt F 6-4 Loyola (Chicago)
Ruben Bolen G 6-0 Texas Southern
"Jazzy J" Jamie Booker G 6-4 Washington
Tyrus Boswell F 6-8 Kentucky Wesleyan
Wyatt "Sonny" Boswell G-F 6-1 Scott H.S. (Ohio)
Joseph Bourne G 5-8 St. Paul's (Va.)
Donnie Boyce G 6-5 Colorado
Aundre "Hot Shot" Branch G 6-5 Baylor
Nate Branch F 6-5 Nebraska
Tammy "T-Time" Brawner G 5-6 Dominican University of California
Agis Bray G-F 5-11 Wilberforce (Ohio)
Cleveland Bray N/A N/A Xavier (La.)
John Britto N/A N/A N/A
Earnest Brock F 6-8 Virginia State
Tommy Brookings F N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Tori "Bionic" Brooks F 6-3 Davenport University
Bill "200" Brown F 6-0 Philander Smith
Bruce Brown C 6-11 Hampton
Courtney "The Iceman" Brown F 6-7 Southwest State (Minn.)
Ernest Brown C 7-0 Indian Hills J.C. (Iowa)
George Brown F-C 6-7 Wayne State (Mich.)
Gerald Brown G 6-4 Pepperdine
Hillary Brown G 6-2 Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
J.B. Brown F 6-8 Kentucky Wesleyan
Jermaine "Hi Rise" Brown F 6-5 Minnesota State
Mike Brown C 6-10 George Washington
Rickey Brown F 6-9 Alabama
Roderick Brown F 6-6 Texas-Pan American
SirValiant Brown G 6-1 George Washington
Thomas "Cochise" Brown G 6-0 Arkansas-Little Rock
Tyrone "Hollywood" Brown G 6-2 Savannah State
William "Rookie" Brown C 6-4 Ben Franklin H.S. (Pa.)
Willie Brown G 6-0 Texas Western
Kris "Hi-Lite" Bruton F 6-7 Benedict College (S.C.)
Andre Bryant F 6-9 Kent State
Hallie Bryant G 6-3 Indiana
Mark Bryant F 6-9 Seton Hall
Tarise Bryson G 6-0 Illinois State
Joe Buckhalter F-C 6-6 Tennessee State
Monty Buckley F 6-6 California
Boid Buie F 6-2 Tennessee State
Marcus Bullard G 6-3 Auburn-Montgomery
William "Bull" Bullard G 6-4 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Walter Burch N/A N/A Ferndale H.S. (Mich.)
Frank Burks G-F 6-5 Wisconsin
Stanley "Chico" Burrell F-C 6-4 Long Island (N.Y.) City H.S.
Ed Burton F 6-7 Michigan State
Demario "Bear" Butler G 6-5 Azusa Pacific
Donald Byrd F 6-3 Virginia Union
Roy "ZaZu" Byrd G 6-5 Patten (Calif.)
Harry Caldwell G 6-5 N/A
Don Calhoun G 6-3 Triton (Ill.)
John "Moose" Campbell C 6-10 Clemson
Willie Campbell F 6-6 Nebraska
Derrick Canada G 6-2 Iona
Bruce Capers G 5-11 Berry (Ga.)
Davene “Viper” Carter F 6-6 Tarleton State University (Texas)
Marc Carter F 6-8 San Diego State
Cedric Ceballos F 6-7 Cal-State Fullerton
Willie Cerf F-C 6-6 Drake
Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain C 7-1 Kansas
John Chaney N/A N/A Bethune-Cookman
John "Bill" Chavers F 6-3 Baldwin-Wallace
Brawley "Cheese" Chisholm G 6-2 Ball State University (Ind.)
Nathaniel Chisholm G 5-10 Eli Whitney Vocational (N.Y.)
Wally Choice C 6-5 Indiana
Shane "Scooter" Christensen G 6-1 Montana
Ron " 'Copter" Christy G 5-11 Teikyo Post (Conn.)
Ousmane Cisse F 6-9 St. Jude H.S. (Ala.)
George Clark C 6-10 Grambling
Milone "Spark" Clark G 6-4 Tennessee Tech
Tyrone "Crash" Clark F 6-4 Fredonia State University (N.Y.)
Wayne "Rare Air" Clark F 6-6 Georgia Perimeter College
Zachary Clayton G-F N/A Philadelphia H.S.
Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton F 6-7 Xavier (La.)
Alvin Clinkscales F 6-5 Bridgeport
Keith Closs C 7-2 Central Connecticut State
Kara Coates G 5-9 Clark (Ga.)
Jesse Coffey G-F 6-4 San Diego (Calif.) H.S.
Elvin Coker G-F 6-3 Beardon (Tenn.) H.S.
Donald Cole F 6-8 Sam Houston State
Ron "Sugah" Cole G-F 6-4 San Diego
Larry "Shorty" Coleman G 5-11 Texas Wesleyan
Lorenzo Coleman C 7-1 Tennessee Tech
Charlie "Cobra" Coley F 6-7 North Carolina-Charlotte
Troy Collier F 6-8 Utah State
Lee Collins C 6-10 DuSable H.S. (Ill.)
Chuck Cooper F 6-5 Duquesne
Duane Cooper G 6-1 Southern California
Robert Cooper G 6-1 Needle Trade Fashion Institute of New York
Opal Courtney F 5-11 Virginia State College and Kansas State College
Shon Crosby F 6-7 Lock Haven (Pa.)
Jason Crowe G 6-4 Cal State-Northridge
Robert Crowe G 5-10 San Jose State
Dexton "Bounce" Crutchfield G 5-8 Iowa Western Community College
Lance Cudjoe G 5-5 Langston (Okla.)
Lawrence Cudjoe G 5-5 Langston (Okla.)
Albert Culton F 6-7 Texas-Arlington
Roscoe "Duke" Cumberland G 6-4 Scott H.S. (Ohio)
Roscoe "Duke" Cumberland Jr. G 6-3 Scott H.S. (Ohio)
Alan "Vitamin C" Cunningham F 6-8 Colorado State
Larriques “Beast” Cunningham F 6-5 Lee University (Tenn.)
Thomas "Joe" Cunningham F 6-7 Winston-Salem
William Cunningham C 6-11 Temple
Jamar Curry G 6-1 Oregon
Kevin "Special K" Daley F 6-5 Azusa Pacific
Wendyl "Brutus" Daniel F 6-7 North Alabama
Warren Daniels F 6-3 Montana State
Kendall Dartez F-C 6-10 Louisville
Ben Davis F 6-9 Arizona
James "Country" Davis C 6-4 Miller H.S. (Mich.)
Lorenzo "Piper" Davis G-F 6-4 Alabama State
McKinley "Deacon" Davis G 6-2 Iowa
Mel "Trick" Davis G 6-5 Tennessee State
Tyrone "Turbo" Davis G 5-4 Northwood University (Fla.)
Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins C 6-11 Maynard Evans H.S. (Fla.)
Todd Day G/F 6-7 Arkansas
Brandon Dean G 6-1 Arkansas
Blaine Denning F 6-2 Lawrence Tech (Mich.)
Dan Dennis N/A N/A N/A
Sam "Dash" Diaz G 6-0 Montwood High School
Kaniel Dickens F 6-8 Idaho
Dwaine Dillard F 6-7 Eastern Michigan
Al Dixon C 6-10 Bowling Green
Reggie "Air Man" Dixon G 6-0 Niagara
Tyrone "Dynamite" Doleman F 6-8 Pittsburgh
Cameron Dollar G 5-11 UCLA
Jeffery Dollison G 6-1 John Muir H.S. (Calif.)
Ovie Dotson F 6-5 Texas
James Doughty F 6-5 Ohio State
Michael "Memphis" Douglas G 6-3 Dyersburg (Tenn.) State
Devan " Beast" Douglas F 6-3 University of Mary (N.D.)
Robert Dowery C 6-4 Kentucky State
Jessie "Super-J" Drain F 6-7 Houston
Sam Drummer F 6-5 Georgia Tech
Walter Dukes C 6-11 Seton Hall
William Dumpson G 6-1 South Carolina State A&M
"Sweet" Lou Dunbar C 6-10 Houston
Lou "Sweet Lou II" Dubart G 6-3 Oklahoma City University
Dwight Durante G 5-6 Catawba (N.C.)
Sherwin Durham G 6-0 Southern California College
George Easter F 5-9 Wendell Phillips High School (Ill.)
Eugene "Wildkat" Edgerson F 6-7 Arizona
Damond Edwards G 6-3 Cal-State Sacramento
Sidney Edwards F 6-9 Houston
Joyce “Sweet J” Ekworomadu G 5-10 Texas State University
Carlos "Dizzy" English G 5-9 Cleveland State
Rodney "Hot Rod" English G 6-4 East Tennessee State
Dajuan "Piece" Eubanks F 6-9 Rice
Herbert "Moo Moo" Evans G 6-3 Troy (Ala.)
Lamont Evans G 6-4 Drake
Robert "So Smooth" Fairley C 6-10 Jackson State
Greene Farmer Jr. N/A N/A Sonoma State
Raymond Felix C 7-0 Long Island
James Felton F 6-10 Fairleigh Dickinson
Anwar Ferguson C 7-0 Houston
"Fast" Eddie Fields G 5-10 Oklahoma
Ronnie Fields G 6-3 Farragut Academy H.S. (Ill.)
Agusta "Gus" Finney G N/A Paul Quinn (Texas)
Jackie Fitzpatrick G 6-4 Knoxville
Pascal "Frenchy" Fleury C 7-2 Maryland-Baltimore County
Sterling "Smooth" Forbes Jr. F 6-7 Southwest Texas State
Sterling Forbes Sr. F 6-4 Pepperdine
Sherell Ford F 6-7 Illinois-Chicago
William "Plunk" Ford G 5-9 Columbus Central H.S. (Ohio)
Willie Foreman F 6-8 Texas A&M
Tremaine Fowlkes F 6-8 Fresno State
Glen Francis G 5-10 New Haven
Seth "Hot 'N Fresh" Franco G 6-2 NYACK College
Chris "Handles" Franklin G 6-2 Lock Haven (Pa.)
Reggie Franklin F 6-5 Southern Methodist
Jason "Apollo" Fraser F 6-9 Villanova
Robert Frazier G N/A N/A
William "Razor" Frazier G 5-11 Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Lloyd Gabourel N/A N/A N/A
Paul "Showtime" Gaffney F 6-6 Tennessee Wesleyan
David Gaines G 6-1 Lemoyne-Owen (Tenn.)
Erin "Helicopter" Galloway F 6-8 Hawaii
"Wee" Willie Gardner F 6-8 Crispus Attucks H.S. (Ind.)
Lee Garner C 6-10 Alcorn State
William "The Orbit" Garner C 7-0 Portland
Bill Garrett G-F 6-3 Indiana
Lionel Garrett Jr. F 6-9 Southern
William "Pop" Gates F 6-1 Clark (Ga.)
Reggie Geary G 6-2 Arizona
Sammy Gee G 5-8 Miller H.S. (Mich.)
Charelle "Torch" George G 5-3 Purdue University
Devean George G-F 6-8 Augsburg (Minn.)
Gee Gervin G 6-2 Houston
Bob Gibson G 6-1 Creighton
Leroy Gibson F 6-5 Florida A&M
Thomas Gibson G 5-11 Tennessee State
Henry Gill G-F 6-3 Grambling
J.C. Gipson F 6-8 Thomas Jefferson H.S. (Calif.)
Kenny Glenn F 6-6 Niagara
LaMarcus Golden G 6-4 Tennessee
Elbert "Tree" Gordon F 6-4 Wisconsin-Whitewater
Derick "Dizzy" Grant G 6-2 College of New Jersey
Chudney Gray G 6-3 St. John's
Ed Gray G 6-3 California
George Gray F 6-8 Texas Southern
Briana "Hoops" Green G 5-9 University of Texas - El Paso
"Super" Mario Green G 6-4 Minnesota
Carl Green F 6-4 Winston-Salem Teachers College
Nate Green F 6-8 Idaho State
Anthony "Airport" Greenup F 6-8 Shaw (N.C.)
Lynn Greer G 6-2 Temple
Gerald Grey G 6-4 Austin Peay
Josh Grider G-F 6-1 Tennessee State
Antonio "Rainmaker" Griffin F 6-6 Cal-State Bakersfield
Rob Griffin F 6-6 Iowa
William Sylvester Griffin G-F 5-11 Cass Tech H.S. (Mich.)
Willie Griffin G-F 6-3 Southern Illinois
Eugene Gutter N/A N/A N/A
Sammie Haley C 7-1 Missouri
Simeon Haley C 7-0 Missouri
Eric "Hacksaw" Hall F 6-8 Radford University (Va.)
Jonte "Too Tall" Hall G 5-2 CCBC Catonsville (Md.)
Lorenzo Hall F 6-9 Georgia
Robert "Showboat" Hall C 6-2 Miller H.S. (Mich.)
Gary Hamilton F-C 6-10 Miami (Fla.)
Roy Hammonds F 6-7 San Jose State
Mark Hannabal N/A N/A N/A
Barry "High Rise" Hardy G 6-4 BYU-Hawaii
Mike Harmon F 6-11 Detroit-Mercy
Cleveland Harp C 6-6 Crispus Attucks H.S. (Ind.)
Millard Harris C 6-8 Winston-Salem Teachers College
Rico Harris F 6-8 Cal-State Northridge
C.C. Harrison G 6-4 North Carolina State
Charles "Tex" Harrison F 6-4 North Carolina Central
Brandon Hawkins G 6-3 San Jose State
Connie Hawkins F 6-8 Iowa
Fess Hawkins C 6-11 Augusta State
Juaquin "Hawk" Hawkins F 6-7 Long Beach State
Leroy Hawkins N/A N/A N/A
Sherman Hawkins G 6-3 N/A
Jimmy Haynes N/A N/A Cass Tech H.S. (Mich.)
Marques Haynes G 6-1 Langston (Okla.)
Curtis Haywood F 6-6 Oklahoma City
Carl Helem G 6-0 Tennessee State
Michael Henderson F 6-9 C.W. Post (N.Y.)
Jimmy "Pee Wee" Henry G 5-3 Cal-State Bakersfield
David Hicks F 6-5 Wilbur Cross H.S. (Conn.)
Cory Hightower G/F 6-8 Indian Hills J.C. (Iowa)
Kelvin "Special K" Hildreth F 6-8 Mississippi State
Oris Hill F 6-7 Texas College
Leon Hillard G 5-10 McKinley H.S. (Ill.)
Doug Himes F 6-5 Prairie View A&M
Craig "Hi-Rise" Hinton F 6-7 Appalachian State University (N.C.)
"Mr. Exciting" Exree Hipp F 6-8 Maryland
"Supertrotter" Billy Ray Hobley G-F 6-8 Dillard (La.)
Sandra "Sweetness" Hodge G 5-6 New Orleans
James Hodges F 6-10 Wisconsin-Whitewater
Robert Hokett G 6-3 New Orleans
James Holland G 6-2 South Carolina-Spartanburg
Kevin Holland F 6-8 DePaul
General Lee Holman F 6-8 SE Massachusetts State
Charles Holton G 6-2 St. Norbert (Wis.)
Gary Hooker F 6-6 Murray State
James Horne G 6-2 Buffalo
Stuart House C 6-11 Washington State
Alex "'Vator" Howard G 6-4 Hesser College (N.H.)
John Howard F 6-4 Cincinnati
Tyrone "Mooney" Howard F 6-0 Eastern Kentucky
Charles Hoxie F 6-4 Niagara
Brittany "Ice" Hrynko G 5-8 DePaul University (Ill.)
Harold "Bobo" Hubbard F 6-8 Savannah State
Eugene Hudgins G 6-1 Morgan State
Roosevelt Hudson F 5-10 Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Solomon Hughes F 6-11 California
Vincent Humphrey F 6-7 Lincoln (Mo.)
Eddie Hunt C 6-5 Southern
Bobby "Zorro" Hunter F 6-5 Tennessee State
Jimmie "Snap" Hunter G 6-4 Life University
Chris"Animal" Hyche F 6-5 Talladega College (Miss.)
McCoy Ingram F 6-8 Jackson State
John Isaacs G 6-0 Textile H.S. (N.Y.)
Alvin Jackson N/A N/A Michigan State
Benjamin Jackson F 6-6 Tennessee State
Crissa "Ace" Jackson G 5-4 Point Loma Nazarene University (Calif.)
Glover "Action" Jackson C 6-10 Louisiana State
Inman "Big Jack" Jackson C 6-4 Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Jackie Jackson F 6-5 Virginia Union
John Jackson F 6-8 Mississippi
Mannie Jackson G 6-2 Illinois
Matt "Showbiz" Jackson G 6-4 Savannah State
Mike Jackson F 6-7 Coahoama Community College (Miss.)
Quentin Jackson G 6-0 North Carolina State
Ronnie Jackson G 6-0 Commerce H.S. (N.Y.)
Jerome James C 7-1 Florida A&M
Max Jameson C 6-4 Kentucky State
Shawn "Thunderbird" Jamison C 6-8 Texas-San Antonio
Quincy "Crush" January F 6-6 Saint Augustine's University (N.C.)
Alvin Jefferson F 6-10 Auburn
Seldon Jefferson G 6-2 West Virginia
Jesse Jemison F 6-7 Cincinnati
Daron Jenkins C 6-11 Southern Mississippi
Ferguson Jenkins F 6-5 Chatham Vocational H.S. (Ont.)
"Handy" Andy Johnson F 6-6 Portland
Albert Johnson F 6-5 Arizona
Andre "Prince" Johnson F 6-5 Oakland Community College (Mich.)
Cleo Johnson N/A N/A N/A
Curley "Boo" Johnson G 5-11 Loras (Iowa)
Curley Johnson F 6-8 Lamar
Dalron Johnson F 6-10 Nevada-Las Vegas
Earvin "Magic" Johnson G 6-9 Michigan State
Harold "Killer" Johnson N/A N/A N/A
Lester Johnson G N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Lorenzo Johnson F 6-9 Colorado State
Luther Johnson N/A N/A N/A
Roscoe "Sarge" Johnson G 6-4 Allegany College of Maryland
Allen "AJ" Jones G 6-1 Cabrini (Pa.)
Chuck "Mighty Man" Jones F 6-7 Cheyney (Pa.)
Collins Jones G 6-0 Moore H.S. (Mich.)
Damon Jones G-F 6-8 Wilberforce (Ohio)
Eric Jones G 6-3 Urbana (Ohio)
Ernest Jones C 6-10 Tennessee State
Steve Jones F 6-7 Texas A&M
William Jones G 5-11 Woodward H.S. (Ohio)
Clyde Jordan F 6-5 New Mexico State
Gerald Jordan C 6-11 Pittsburgh
Mike Jordan F 6-7 Savannah State
Reggie Jordan G 6-4 New Mexico State
James "Jamming J" Joseph F 6-8 Abilene Christian
Roscoe Julien G-F N/A N/A
Charlie Justice C 6-3 Northern H.S. (Mich.)
Bob Karstens C 6-3 St. Ambrose (Iowa)
Henry Kean Jr. F 6-3 Tennessee State
Junius Kellogg C 6-7 Manhattan
Walter Kennedy F 6-8 Florida A&M
Otis "Mr. OK" Key F 6-9 Lincoln (Mo.)
Boudreau King G 6-1 Cass Tech H.S. (Mich.)
Ezell King F-C 6-5 Grambling
Jeff King N/A N/A N/A
Mike King F 6-7 Illinois-Chicago
Wilbert King F 5-8 Pershing H.S. (Mich.)
Robin "Captain Kirk" Kirksey G-F 6-6 Loyola Marymount
Webster Kirksey G 6-0 Michigan Normal
"Jumpin' Johnny" Kline G-F 6-3 Wayne State (Mich.)
Bobby Knight F 6-1 Weaver H.S. (Conn.)
Christopher Knight C 6-9 Loyola Marymount
Donnell Knight F 6-7 Arizona State
Ronald Knight G-F 6-8 Cal-State Los Angeles
Herman "Helicopter" Knowings F 6-5 Ben Franklin H.S. (N.Y.)
Darius Lane G 6-4 Seton Hall
John Lane G 6-5 Savannah College of Arts & Design
Herbert "Flight Time" Lang G 6-3 Centenary College (La.)
Alto Lark F 6-6 Bluefield State
Granville Lash G 5-11 Utah
David "Big Daddy" Lattin F 6-7 Texas-El Paso
Corey “Thunder” Law F 6-3 High Point University (N.C.)
Jolette "Jazzy" Law G 5-4 Iowa
Edmond Lawrence C 7-0 McNeese State
Trevor "Tiny" Lawrence C 7-0 New Mexico State
Jason Lawson C 6-11 Villanova
Floyd Layne G-F 6-2 City College of New York
Eric "Big E" Lee C 6-11 Oklahoma City
Norman Lee Jr. F 6-5 Roosevelt H.S. (Ohio)
Mike "Lights Out" Lee G 5-11 Dakota Wesleyan University (S.D.)
Theodis "Wolfman" Lee F 6-8 Houston
Meadowlark Lemon C 6-2 Williston H.S. (N.C.)
Melvin Levett G 6-5 Cincinnati
Brian Lewin C 6-10 West Virginia
Elzie Lewis F 6-2 Wilberforce (Ohio)
John Linehan G 6-1 Providence
Robert Little F 6-7 North Carolina Central
Jamal Livingston F 6-7 Cal-State Bakersfield
John "Licky" Lloyd F 6-1 Southern
Ramel Lloyd G 6-4 Long Beach State
Osborne "The Wizard" Lockhart G 6-1 Minnesota
Rahim Lockhart F 6-8 Mississippi
Nate "Big Easy" Lofton C 6-9 SE Louisiana
Byron "Fat" Long F N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Thomas Long G 6-1 Norfolk State
Ray Lothery F 6-6 Tri-State (Ind.)
Corey Louis F 6-9 Florida State
Julian "Candy" Lucas G 5-9 North Carolina Charlotte
Emory Luck F N/A N/A
Paxton "Sugar" Lumpkin G 6-0 Indiana
Kevin Lyde F 6-10 Temple
Fatima "TNT" Maddox G 5-6 Temple
Porter "Primetime" Maberry G 5-6 Ottawa Hills High School
Chandler "Bulldog" Mack F 6-7 Freed-Harman University
Kei Madison F 6-9 Okaloosa-Walton
Coata "Big Cat" Malone C 6-11 Alabama A&M
Gordon Malone F-C 6-11 West Virginia
Willie Malone G 5-10 Langston (Okla.)
Chris "Plastique" Manuel F 6-8 Southwestern Louisiana
Fred Marberry G 6-2 Illinois State
Everett Marcell C 6-4 Langston (Okla.)
Mike Marshall G 5-10 South Carolina State
Darrick Martin G 5-10 UCLA
Elmer "String Bean" Martin F 6-9 Arkansas
Bobby Joe Mason G 6-4 Bradley
Mike "Tank" Mathews C 6-10 Florida State
Dut Mayar C 7-6 Frank Phillips (Texas)
Ken McBride G 6-4 Maryland State
Mark McCall G 6-2 Texas-El Paso
Anthony "Biggie" McClain C 7-0 Cincinnati
Andre McCollum G 6-2 Cal State-Bakersfield
Grady McCollum F 6-4 Western Illinois
Joel McCrea F-C 6-4 Lyons Township H.S. (Ill.)
Darnell McCulloch F 6-5 Fresno State
Tyrone McDaniel G 6-3 Lenoir-Rhyne
Scooter McFadgon G 6-5 Tennessee
Jeremee McGuire C 6-11 Houston
Lowell McHenry F 6-6 Huston-Tillotson (Texas)
Eural McKelvy F-C 6-6 Richmond (Calif.)
Vernon McNeal G 5-11 Tennessee State
Paul McPherson G 6-4 DePaul
Bill Meggett G 6-0 Lemoyne-Owen (Tenn.)
Orlando "El Gato" Melendez F 6-8 North Carolina
Matthew Merritt G 5-10 N/A
Albert "Money" F 6-2 East Tennessee State University
Jermaine "Stretch" Middleton C 7-4 Northwood University (Fla.)
Anthony "Pig" Miller F 6-9 Michigan State
Oliver "Big O" Miller C 6-9 Arkansas
Antoine "Bones" Millien F 6-9 Idaho State
Bobby Milton F 6-1 Anderson (Ind.)
Quade "Quake" Milum F 6-8 Akron
Ariel "Mighty" Mitchell G 5-6 Dillar University (La.)
Howard Mitchell N/A N/A N/A
Thomas Mitchell G 6-1 Florida A&M
Michael Moncrief G-F 6-7 Sterling College
Howard Lee Montgomery F 6-5 Texas-Pan American
Jamario Moon F 6-8 Meridian Community College (Miss.)
Donald "Ducky" Moore F 6-0 Cleveland Central H.S.
Legolian "Boots" Moore G 6-1 Grambling
Sammy Moore G-F 6-4 Tennessee State
Trey Moore G 6-3 Mississippi State
William Morgan Jr. G 5-11 South Carolina State
Chris Morris F 6-8 Auburn
Hannah "Mighty" Mortimer G 5-4 Wichita State University
Cameron Murray G 6-1 Louisville
Antonio "Squirrel" Murrell G 6-0 Indiana Wesleyan
Bryan "B-Nice" Narcisse F 6-6 Clemson University (S.C.)
Bryant Nash Jr. F 6-6 Kansas
David Nash C 6-11 Kansas
Dave Naves G-F 6-6 Northern Illinois
Frederic "Curly" Neal G 6-1 Johnson C. Smith (N.C.)
John Netherly C 6-3 Herzl
Les "Stormin" Norman G 6-1 Cal State Dominguez Hills
Ronald Nunnery G 6-3 Lamar
Eathan O'Bryant G 5-11 Nevada
Kingsley Ogwudire G 6-0 Foothill C.C. (Calif.)
Terrance O'Kelley F 6-8 Long Beach State
Manny Oliver F 6-7 Springfield (Mo.) Central H.S.
William "Kid" Oliver N/A N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Brian "Crash" Ormon F 6-7 Mountain State University (W.Va.)
Randy Orr F-C 6-11 Georgia Perimeter College
Townsend Orr G 6-0 Minnesota
Okeme Oziwo F 6-7 Arizona State
Robert "Babyface" Paige Jr. C 7-0 Houston Baptist
Deshun "Springs" Patterson G 5-9 Tabor College (Kan.)
Clifton Payton F 6-9 St. Francis (N.Y.)
Max "Hops" Pearce F 6-0 Purchase College (N.Y.)
Fred Pearson F 6-0 Illinois State
Kevin "Turbo" Pearson F 6-7 Fairmont State (W.Va.)
Carde’ “Rocket” Pennington G 5-6 Dakota Wesleyan University (S.D.)
C.J. Pepper G 6-4 Arkansas State
Manuel "Prince" Perez F 6-7 Caldwell College (N.J.)
Reggie "Silky" Perkins G 6-1 St. Cloud State (Minn.)
Ervell Perry F 6-4 Wiley (Texas)
William "Dink" Peters F-C 6-9 East Carolina
Brent "Thunder" Petway F 6-8 Michigan
Tony Peyton G 5-8 Scott H.S. (Ohio)
Paul Silas Phelps C 6-3 Northern H.S. (Mich.)
Reggie "Regulator" Phillips G 5-11 Cal-State Bakersfield
Kendal "Tiny" Pinder F 6-8 North Carolina State
Kevinn Pinkney F-C 6-10 Nevada
William Pippen F 6-7 Middle Tennessee State
Derick Polk C 7-0 Ohio State
Olden Polynice C 7-0 Virginia
Robert Powell C N/A N/A
Louis "Babe" Pressley G 6-3 Cleveland Central H.S.
Al Price G 6-4 Libby H.S. (Ohio)
Bernie Price F-C 6-3 Libby H.S. (Ohio)
Timothy Price F 6-9 Virginia Union
Charles Primas G-F 6-3 Wayne State (Mich.)
Trent Pulliam F 6-8 Jackson State
Al "Runt" Pullins F N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Randolph Ramsey C N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Ty "Mr. T" Randolph G 5-9 Virginia Intermont
Dedrick Reffigee C 7-0 Northwood Institute (Mich.)
Kareem "Best Kept Secret" Reid G 5-11 Arkansas
Johnny "Ace" Rhodes G 6-4 Maryland
Kitwana Rhymer C 6-10 Massachusetts
Spencer "Doctor" Rhynes F 6-6 Huston-Tillotson (Texas)
Anthony Rice G 6-4 Memphis
Chris "Flash" Richardson F 6-9 Nevada-Las Vegas
Pooh Richardson G 6-1 UCLA
Antonio Rivers G 6-3 Central Missouri
Erving "Rocket" Rivers G 6-2 Francis Marion (S.C.)
Latif "Jet" Rivers G 6-1 Wagner College (N.Y.)
Larry "Gator" Rivers G 6-1 Missouri Western
Terrance Roberson F 7-1 Fresno State
Stanley Roberts C 6-7 Louisiana State
Bailey Robertson G 6-1 Indiana Central
Paul "Pablo" Robertson G 5-7 Loyola (Ill.)
Walter Robertson G 5-11 Loyola (Ill.)
Doug Robinson F 6-8 N/A
Ermer Robinson F 6-2 San Diego State
Galen Robinson F 6-8 Houston
James Tim Robinson F 6-5 Bradley
Kenny 'Blenda" Rodriguez G 5-8 Bergen Community College (N.J.)
Dwayne "Legend" Rogers G 6-0 Francis Scott Key H.S. (Texas)
Ron Rollerson C 6-10 Temple
Oliver "Catfish" Rollins G-F 6-2 Carrier Mills H.S. (Ill.)
William John Roseborough C 6-9 N/A
Warren Rosegreen F 6-6 Nevada-Las Vegas
Cliff Rozier F/C 6-10 Louisville
Harry Rusan G-F 5-7 Paul Quinn College (Texas)
Soumaila Samake C 7-2 CGP School (Mali, W. Africa)
Alex "Big Ticket" Sanders F 6-8 Louisville
James "Twiggy" Sanders F 6-8 Johnson C. Smith (N.C.)
Keaton Sanders F 6-6 Temple
Eric Sandrin F 6-9 Seattle Pacific
Chris Sandy G 6-1 Fresno State
Mark Sanford F 6-9 Washington
Woody Sauldsberry F-C 6-7 Texas Southern
Imari Sawyer G 6-1 DePaul
Sam Sawyer F-C 6-5 Atlantic City H.S. (N.J.)
Willie Scarborough G 6-2 Miller H.S. (Mich.)
Antoine Scott G 6-4 Mercer
Antwan Scott F 6-8 Wake Forest
Christopher Scott N/A N/A N/A
Jack Scott G-F 6-2 Mercer
John Scott F 6-2 Illinois State
Lee Scruggs F 6-11 Georgetown
Tom Sealy F 6-2 Brooklyn College
Ron Selleaze G 6-8 Cal-State Bakersfield
Karim Shabazz C 7-2 Providence
Angelo "Spider" Sharpless F 6-4 Elizabeth City State University (N.C.)
Sam Sharpe G-F 6-3 Bishop (Texas)
Frank Shaw F 6-6 Tulsa
"Slick" Willie Shaw F 6-6 St. John's
Clifford Shegogg F 6-6 Colorado State
Andrew Shepard F 6-4 Michigan State
Nick Sheppard C 6-11 Pepperdine
Keiron "Sweet Pea" Shine G 5-10 Memphis
Trazel "Quick" Silvers F 6-7 East Tennessee State
Dwayne "Swoop" Simpson F 6-7 Southern Connecticut State
Lazarus Sims G 6-5 Syracuse
Cyde "The Glide" Sinclair G 6-4 North Carolina Central
Henry Singleton F-C 6-5 N/A
Charles Smith G 5-10 District of Columbia
Clarence Smith F 6-6 Villanova
Corey Smith F 6-6 Vanderbilt
Doug Smith F-C 6-10 Missouri
Elija "Sky" Smith F 6-7 North Georgia University
Fred "Preacher" Smith F 6-5 Oral Roberts
George "Sonny" Smith G-F 6-0 Western Kentucky
Gerald "Deep" Smith C 7-0 Detroit
Herbert Smith F 6-4 Jackson State
Howard Smith G 6-3 Morehead
Joe Smith G 6-4 Alabama-Huntsville
John Smith F 6-0 Langston (Okla.)
"Little" John Smith F 6-8 Puget Sound
"Fabulous" Leon Smith F 6-10 Martin Luther King H.S. (Ill.)
Lincoln Smith C 6-10 Mississippi State
Orick Smith G 6-3 Beaver (Pa.)
Jefferson Sobral F 6-8 Ribeirao Preto (Brazil)
Thomas "Tarzan" Spencer F 6-7 Maryland State
Larry Spicer F 6-8 Alabama-Birmingham
Larry Spriggs F 6-8 Howard
Mike "The Saint" St. Julien F 6-5 McNeese State
Khary Stanley C 6-11 Fresno State
Chris "Smooth" Staples F 6-3 Eastern Michigan University
Frank Stephens F 6-10 Virginia State
Harrison Stepter G 6-3 Michigan State
George Stevenson F 6-2 Rio Grande (Ohio)
Jackie Stevenson C 6-11 Trinidad J.C. (Colo.)
Kirk "Zeus" Stewart F 6-4 New York Institute of Technology
Albert Stirrup G 6-1 St. Augustine's (N.C.)
Lee Andrew Stoglin G 6-4 Texas Western
Maurice Stokes F 6-7 St. Francis (Pa.)
Frank Streety G 6-0 Murray State
"The Prince" William Stringfellow F-C 6-9 Houston
Othello Strong N/A N/A N/A
Ted Strong G 6-2 Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
Paul "Tiny" Sturgess C 7-8 Mountain State University (W.Va.)
Murphy Summons F 6-4 Northwestern H.S. (Mich.)
Kevin Sutton G 5-11 Savannah State
Jahmani "Hot Shot" Swanson G 4-5 Monroe College (N.Y.)
Shannon Swillis F 6-7 Fresno State
Harry Sykes F-C 6-7 Kentucky State
Shon Tarver F 6-6 UCLA
Jermaine Tate F 6-9 Cincinnati
Reece "Goose" Tatum C 6-4 El Dorado H.S. (Ark.)
DeAndre "Dragon" Taylor F 6-4 Northern Michigan University
Harry "Trees" Taylor G-C 6-6 North Carolina Central
Herman "Honey" Taylor G-F 6-2 Long Island
Fred Thomas F 6-0 Assumption
Jonathan “Hawk” Thomas F 6-5 Marshall University (W.Va.)
Willis Thomas F 6-4 Tennessee State
Devin "Mr. Biz" Thompson F 6-6 Saint Peter's College (N.J.)
Garnett Thompson F 6-9 Providence
Lili "Champ" Thompson G 5-7 University of Notre Dame
Dallas "Big D" Thornton F 6-5 Kentucky Wesleyan
Homer Thurman G-F N/A Bloom Township H.S. (Ill.)
Tony Tolbert G 6-5 Detroit Mercy
Justin "X-Over" Tompkins G 4-6 Borough of Manhattan Community College (N.Y.)
Sharavjamts "Shark" Tserenjanhor C 7-0 Erdenet, Mongolia
"Slick" Al Tucker F N/A Alabama State Teachers College
Ed Tucker F 6-8 N/A
Jacob "Hops" Tucker G 5-10 Illinois College
James Tucker F 6-8 Duquesne
Joah Tucker F 6-5 Wisconsin-Milwaukee
William Tupelo N/A N/A Chicago
Roman "Doc" Turmon G-F-C 6-4 Clark (Ga.)
Bridget Turner G 5-8 Colorado
Herschell Turner G 6-3 Nebraska
John Turner N/A N/A N/A
Rob "Hollywood" Turner F 6-9 Pepperdine
Wayne Turner G 6-2 Kentucky
Jimmy "Happy" Twyman G 6-0 Detroit Mercy
Johnny Tyson F-C 6-10 Central Oklahoma
Jeff Varem G 6-6 Washington State
David Vaughn F 6-9 Memphis
Govoner Vaughn F 6-3 Illinois
Jeremy Veal G 6-3 Arizona State
Jerry Venable F 6-6 Kansas State
Conley Verdun G 5-10 Southwestern Louisiana
Wun "The Shot" Versher F 6-5 Arizona State
Derek Wabbington F-C 6-9 Wyoming
Quincy Wadley G 6-4 Temple
Ernie Wagner G 6-2 Wayne State (Mich.)
Joyce "Juice" Walker G 5-9 Louisiana State
Leroy Walker G 6-0 Utah State
Robert "Skywalker" Wallace G 6-0 Texas-San Antonio
Charles "Tiny" Ward G 5-11 Northeastern H.S. (Mich.)
Hammie Ward F 6-8 Miami
Andy Washington C N/A N/A
Frank Washington G-C 6-4 Wilberforce (Ohio)
Walter Waters C 6-11 Macomb CC (Mich.)
James "Nuggie" Watkins G 6-1 San Diego State
Johnny Watts N/A N/A LaCrosse State Teachers College (Wis.)
Kenyan Weaks G 6-4 Florida
Alexander "Moose" Weekes F 6-8 Middle Tennessee State University
Charles "Bubba" Wells F 6-5 Austin Peay
DuJuan Wheat G 6-0 Louisville
Sam "Boom Boom" Wheeler C 6-1 Philander Smith
Tyson Wheeler G 6-1 Rhode Island
Jackie White G 5-10 Long Beach State
Saul "Flip" White G 6-0 Moraine Valley Community College (Ill.)
Vincent White F 6-7 Savannah State
Charles Whiteman Jr. F-C N/A N/A
Elgrace Wilborn F 6-9 Western Kentucky
Tony Wilcox F 6-7 Wittenberg (Ohio)
Darnell "Spider" Wilks F 6-7 Cincinnati
Brandon Williams G/F 6-6 Davidson
Donald Williams G 6-3 North Carolina
Ella Williams G 6-0 South Alabama
Harold "Lefty" Williams F 6-6 New York City University
Jermaine Williams F 6-10 Charlotte
John "Hot Plate" Williams F 6-9 Louisiana State
John "Jet" Williams G 6-3 North Carolina-Asheville
Koney Williams N/A N/A N/A
Orlando Williams G 6-5 Oregon
Robert Williams F-C 6-7 Florida A&M
Sean "Elevator" Williams C 6-10 Cal-State Fullerton
Tracy Williams F 6-7 James Madison
Clarence "Cave" Wilson F 6-1 Tennessee State
"Jumping" John Wilson F-C 5-11 Anderson (Ind.)
Michael "Wild Thing" Wilson F 6-5 Memphis
Ron Wilson F 6-11 Villanova
Willie Wilson G-F 6-1 Virginia Union
Jackson Winters N/A N/A Portland State
Lucius "Turbo" Winston G 5-10 Tuskegee University
Robert "Sonny" Wood G N/A New York H.S.
Lynette Woodard G 5-11 Kansas
Bruce Wright F N/A N/A
David Wright G 6-3 Oklahoma State
Kareem Wright F-C 6-9 Rutgers
Lawrence Wright F 6-4 Bradley
Walter "Toots" Wright G N/A Wendell Phillips H.S. (Ill.)
William Yancey N/A N/A N/A
Bria "Swish" Young G 5-6 Philadelphia Univeristy
Charles Young N/A N/A N/A
Dazzle Didon G 5-11
Ray Young G 6-4 UCLA
Lucky Jiang G 5-11
Vertis Zeigler F 6-3 Northern H.S. (Mich.)
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