NU defeats D2 Roberts Wesleyan

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Re: NU defeats D2 Roberts Wesleyan

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I wouldn't make too much of an exhibition game. Losing it would be another story. Oftentimes coaches try out all different kinds of things like asking players to attempt threes just to see if they have it. If they don't then they take that off the table. Lineup variations are tried as well. You can do that if winning but if losing you want to go with what is best.
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Re: NU defeats D2 Roberts Wesleyan

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There's obviously some cause for concern , but when shuffling so many players in and out it's hard to judge what type of team they'll be . I'm sure GP will probably go with his new experienced players ( JC & 5th yr seniors ) along with Thomasson and Iorio taking the lead . Based on Sagarin's rating formula Maryland figures to be about a 21pt favorite .
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Re: NU defeats D2 Roberts Wesleyan

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Yup , I would expect GP to start and play his experienced guys to start the season. Iorio , Gray, Mitchell , Thomasson and Bayless all have experience playing at some level of college ball.
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