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Re: NU defeats CC in Game 1 / AHA Tourney Thread

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le wrote: Fri Mar 10, 2023 9:47 pm
. Stats show 540 in attendance for aConference

These playoff figures are perplexing because CC had larger crowds during the regular season at the HC. I don’t get it.
The main reason is season ticket holders. Hardly any schools include playoff tickets in their packages as the schools would possibly need to issue refunds. So with short notice and oftentimes other plans already made many if not most don't attend. The schools could include free tickets in the plans but then they lose revenue. Another factor that hurts attendance is best of three. Many prefer to wait for a deciding game so either wait for game 2 or 3. A third factor is playoff tickets may be higher priced as the league is more involved in revenue for playoffs. This is not anything new as it happens year after year. I can speak from the BC perspective. They draw about 5000 on average I believe but got only about 1250 for the UMass playoff game. Ticket prices were slashed to $12 general admission so you could sit wherever you wanted as well. Of course they were hurt by the basketball game against UNC at the same time on TV but $12 for prime seats in a single elimination should have drawn more. I am a season ticket holder but did not go mainly because I was ill but also because it was on NESN. So there should be more for tonight's game 2 against Canisius. Let's hope for two Atlantic sweeps and for the Atlantic Hockey championship game at Dwyer next week.
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Re: "Purps Take Game One Of AHA Semifinals" / AHA Tourney Thread

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Hi Le: slap stick hockey: dump and chase: no possession, no control. No more than 2 passes and then turnover.
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Re: "Purps Take Game One Of AHA Semifinals" / AHA Tourney Thread

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I think the real story is that mid level college sports do not appeal to the general public anymore.
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Re: "Purps Take Game One Of AHA Semifinals" / AHA Tourney Thread

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I agree with phillyeagle...the interest just isn't there . Compounding the problem , particularly in the MAAC, are the empty seats and lack of energy in the building . It's as if the games are being played in a studio . Quite frankly even watching the games on ESPN+is often times a chore . A college basketball game lacking enthusiastic and boisterous students just doesn't have the feel of a college game .
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