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Niagara Links & Other Interesting Sites

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Niagara University, Founded 1856

Niagara University
$80 Million Promise for Niagara Surpasses Goal, April, 2012:
Eagle's Nest:
Niagara Alumni:
Niagara University Alumni on Facebook:
Niagara Events:
Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University:
Niagara University Leary Theatre:

Board of Trustees 2013-2014
NU Board of Trustees 2014:
1. Jeffrey R. Holzschuh (Chair), Morgan Stanley
2. Robert J. Alexander. CB Richard Ellis Inc.
3. Rev. Elmer Bauer III, C.M.. Eastern Province - Congregation of the Mission
4. Lynn M. Boorady, Ph.D.. Buffalo State College
5. Very Rev. Michael J. Carroll, C.M. (Vice Chair). Congregation of the Mission, Eastern Province
6. Robert J. Castellani. Tops Markets LLC, Retired
7. Charles W. Chiampou, Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner
8. Margaret Ranft Day, Esq. (Secretary). Attorney
9. Robert Engel. CoBank
10. Rev. Patrick Flanagan, C.M.. St. John's University
11. Kenneth M. Franasiak. Calamar
12. Sr. Nora Gatto, D.C.. Daughters of Charity
13. Rev. Patrick J. Griffin, C.M.. Daughters of Charity
14. Pamela R. Jacobs-Vogt, Active in Community Leadership
15. Rev. James J. Maher, C.M.. Niagara University
16. Keith T. Miller, Ph.D., Virginia State University
17. Larry A. Montani, Niacet Corporation
18. Rev. Michael M. Nguyen, C.M., Miraculous Medal House
19. Paul E. O’Leary, Jr., Deloitte & Touche LLP
20. Christopher D. Ross, Lawley Insurance
21. John P. Rumschik, M & T Insurance Agency Inc.
22. Hon. Hugh B. Scott, Western District of New York
23. Marsha Joy Sullivan, Nardin Academy


Key NU Athletic Contacts
Fr. Maher, President of Niagara, (St. John’s University, '84), , Phone: 716-282-1212
Simon Gray, Athletic Director, (University of Richmond, '88),, Phone: 716-286-8600
.....Appointment video:
Greg Paulis, Head Basketball Coach, (Duke, '09),
Jason Lammers, Head Hockey Coach (Geneseo State, '97), , Phone: 716-286-8239
All other athletic contacts:
Matt Nadler, Student Government President '13-'14 :

NU Media & Info
Keep informed about NU sports via email/test alerts:
...Text alerts -
...Email Alerts
...NU Athletics on Facebook:
NU Basketball Twitter:
Time Warner for NU games on TV (check by zip code):
NU Radio for Hoops & Hockey:
Niagara Index:
Niagara Index Contact:
WNIA, Niagara University Radio:
... WNIA Phone; (716) 286-7315
... WNIA Student MGR: Mike Knight,
... WNIA Sports Director: Chris Morrow,
NU On the Air, 930 FM, WBEN: ... r/?id=WBEN
WKBW Radio (paid subscription):
Niagara Bball Stats:
Scouting Niagara:
WGRZ Channel 2:
...Ed.Kilgore email:
...Adam.Benigni email:
WKBW Channel 7:
---Sports Director: Jeff Russo email:
Buffalo News Sports: ... niversity/
...Jerry Sullivan email:
...Bob DiCesare email:
...Rod McKissic email:
...Amy Moritz email:
Niagara Falls Gazette Sports:
...NO SPORTS EDITOR !!!! email:
Below the Falls Sports:
...Tim Schmidt email:
All Sports Western New York, Koshinski's Korner:
...Bob Koshinski email:
NU Sports on Facebook:
The First Row TV:
Snyder's "Big Four Talk":

Frank Layden, '55
'Legacy assured': Jazz icon Frank Layden came to Utah a coach but became much more, May 12, 2022 , ... _tn__=EH-R
Catching Up with Layder, 5/10/20: ... 4bc8b.html
Frank Layden and Joe Brett on the Veteran’s Heritage Hour, 3/25/15:
Frank Layden and the Legacy of Niagara Basketball Panel...a great story....with Hubie Brown, Calvin Murphy and Dick Weiss of the *NY Daily News", Decemeber 6, 2014 at Nigaraa:
Frank & Barbara Layden Court dedication, Dec. 6, 2014: ... BXXTYlKX9A
Happy to be Frank, Aug 2, 1998: ... 26,1173927
Layden's Decision Saddens Players, Dec 10, 1988:
“Layden received a five-minute standing ovation from the crowd before last night's game against Dallas. Miller presented Layden's wife, Barbara, with a bouquet of flowers and Jazz players swarmed their former coach at center court, shaking hands and hugging Layden before he took a seat behind the press table.” : ... ank-layden
It's been fun, Frank Layden, Oct 28, 2002: ... tml?pg=all
Grand old gentleman of the Utah Jazz has retired With or without basketball, Layden's life full, July 30, 2011: ... z.html.csp
2013 Frank Layden Acceptance Humanitarian of the Year speech, April 3, 2014:
Frank & Barbara Humanitarian of the Year Award 2013:
Frank Layden: The man living the fantasy-camp retirement, June 24, 2014: ... 0-10006568
Frank Layden Interview: July 6, 2014: ... 1728.shtml
Frank Inteview on NU, March 14, 2012:

Calvin Murphy highlights: , 2015 ... r_embedded ... re=related ... one_g.html ... -american/ ... 760a.htm,l , Remembering Murphy's 68-point game, 50 years later
. ... ed72c.html ... d26a6.html ,
McGrath: NU was perfect fit for Murphy, and it paid off
. ... d26a6.html
. ... one_g.html
Murph: "We only lived a half-hour from New York City,” Murphy later recalled in the Houston Post. “My brother and I would sneak on the train to go to old Madison Square Garden and watch the pro games. I used to sit there and just visualize me being out there.” One night Murphy saw Oscar Robertson play and, on the way home, vowed he would become a pro basketball player, “come hell or high water.”

“Back when I was in high school, my high school coach kept suggesting Niagara University over all the scholarship offers,” said Murphy, a Naismith Hall of Famer and former NBA All-Star. “He said: ‘You’re going to be a part of that school, that’s not a school that’s going to have you play basketball then forget you.’ And he was never, ever more right about anything. When I was at my lowest, they were there. When I was at my highest, they were there. They can never get rid of me.”

1970 Little Three All-Americans: ... r_embedded#
<B>NBA Hall of Famer True to His (High) School</b>
. ... story.html
Niagara basketball highlights:
The Great Niagara Guards (1999-2012):
Great Niagara Forwards:
2011-2012 Niagara Basketball Highlight Video:
Niagara 66, Canisius 65, 1/27/13:
Niagara 93, Iona 90, 1/31/13:

A Couple of Coming Out Parties
Sports Illustrated, Dec. 11, 1967 ... ut-parties

"Almost simultaneously last Saturday night, in Niagara Falls, N.Y. and near the banks of the Wabash in West Lafayette, Ind., Calvin Murphy and Rick Mount, respectively, American folk heroes before they ever got out of high school, started their college varsity basketball careers. Both were surrounded by the kind of hoopla and razzmatazz that used to be associated with the launching of great oceangoing liners. No one would have been too surprised if champagne bottles had been broken over their heads before they ran out onto the courts for the first time. Murphy, the 5'10" guard from Norwalk, Conn., had averaged 49 points a game with the Niagara freshmen. He could actually dunk the ball; he twirled a baton at home games of the Buffalo Bills. Mount, the blond, 6'4" guard from little Lebanon, Ind., had averaged 35 points a game for Purdue's freshmen. He was All-Indiana three straight years in high school and the state's Mr. Basketball in 1966..."

It Must be Great to be a Purple Eagle by Travis Samulski,

Niagara and March Madness: ... ent#videos

Niagara Fight Song: Here's to Old Niagara ...

Here's to Old Niagara,
Onward to Victory
We're out to win, boys,
Ever loyal, ever loyal we will be;
Get in the game and win, boys,
Though the odds be great or small;
For the glory of Niagara,
We'll give our all.


All MAAC Forums
MAACSports (Official MAAC site) :

Canisius Voy
Canisius Proboards:
Marist: http://www.maristredfoxhoops.proboards. ... ?board=men
Quinnipiac Forum: ... basketball
St. Peter's:
UB: ... 926b7cb02f

College Basketball Schedules & Scores
MAAC Scehdule & Scores: ... PSID=87898
Yahoo Basketball Scores:
USAToday Basketball Scores: ... efault.htm

Basketball Scheduling Opportunities
Basketball Scheduling Opportunities (Travelers):

Basketball Recruiting
Pipe's Recruiting Hot LIne:
The Recruit Scoop:
College Bball Recruiting: ... d=1&id=164
Prospect Central : ... 0-per.html
Canadian Basketball:
Hoops Hypw Canada:

Additional NU Basketball Information
Bonas: ... rd=general
University of Buffalo:
A-10 Links:
NCAA Bball stats:
Keeing Tract of the MAAC:
Massey Basketball Ratings: ... &sub=12801
Baasketball State:
Basketball State MAAC:
College Bball RPI 2013-2014: ... ng-by-team
Pomroy College Basketball Ratings:
NCAA & the Strength of NU's Out-of-Conference Schedule Strength: ... tty+gritty
Jeff Sagarin's College Basketball Ratings:
NCAA Team Rankings & Stats:
Vegas odds: ... las-vegas/
Picken Splinters: ... s-break-3/
College Board Sport Links:
College Sports Message Board Directory:

Atlantic Hockey:
USCHO College Hockey: :
USCHO Fan Forum: ... Division-I
USCHO Hockey Scoreboard:
College Hockey News/ Box and scores:
INCH- Inside College Hockey:

NCAA Hockey Recruiting:
...Contact Chris with NU hockey signings via email:
OTB (Over The Boards) Recruiting Updates: ... mber-2013/

Niagara ACHA Hockey on Twitter:
NIagara ACHA Hockey Video: ... ata_player by Clay Miller, Associate Coach & Director of Recruiting, Niagara University ACHA Hockey
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the ACHA Hockey link is really the address listed is kind of a back door entrance to the site :-)
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Re: Niagara Links & Other Interesting Sites

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Re: Niagara Links & Other Interesting Sites

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In addition to pipes' new twitter, here's the twitter account for the Men's team as a whole. Whoever runs it usually live tweets during the games.
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Re: Niagara Links & Other Interesting Sites

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Millsy's analysis of the Junior Leagues in US and Canada.

Re: Hockey Recruiting
Postby Millsy » Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:34 pm

I will try to answer the junior league questions best I can. One thing that makes it confusing is that Canada and the States have two different structures.

In Canada, you have Major Junior, which sometimes is called Junior A. These leagues are the OHL, WHL, QMJHL, etc. These leagues are considered pro in the eyes of the NCAA and as such, it is very difficult for any player that has played Major Junior to play NCAA hockey. There is an appeal process and depending on the number of games played, it can happen, but not very often.

Then you have Junior B, the Canadian Junior Hockey League, which is the leagues that colleges recruit from. These are typically provincial leagues (BCHL, AJHL, SJHL, MJHL, OJHL, Maritimes and Quebec). The BCHL, OJHL and some of the Maritime teams are typically the strongest teams. Some teams cover the costs of their players and some are pay to play. More and more teams in Junior B have gone to somewhat of a pay to play model to help control expenses.

In the States, you have Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Tier 1 is the USHL and is the top league in the States. Most of the expenses are covered by the teams. The USHL would be on par with the top leagues in the Canadian Junior Hockey League. Most of the teams are situated in the Midwest.

Tier 2 is the NAHL. This league does have some pay for play requirements, but some costs are covered by the teams. This league has some very good players in it just because not everyone can play in the USHL. This is more of a "National" league with teams spread out all over the US. You are seeing more and more D-I players coming from this league as the quality of play has really ramped up the last 10 years. A lot of players do get D-III offers as well. A lot of these teams would hold their own with the middle of the pack in the CJHL.

Tier 3 is pretty much every one else. Most of these teams are pay for play. Leagues like the NA3HL, EHL, WSHL and many more fall into this category. Some of these teams, especially in the NA3HL, are "farm teams" for NAHL teams. Every now and then a D-I recruit will come out of these leagues, but usually their top tier players are decent D-III prospects. A lot of these players can get some good Club Team offers.

Hope that helps!

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