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How To Post Images

Postby lejr » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:13 pm

How to post images:

Images Already on The Internet

For example if there's an image online you would like to post, say from Google Images, you would first need the link to the image:

To display it on the forum you need to use a little BBCode, it's very simple. In the edit box you can hit the Img button in the editor and it will produce two tags:
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Then all you need to do is put the link inside these tags, the forum interprets it as an image, and displays it within your post.

So this code below when typed into the edit box:
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Produces this:

Here's a template that you can copy paste for easy reference (replace:http://linktoimage with your image link)
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Images Already on Your Computer

As described above you need an existing link to post an image. Luckily there are a few good free sites around that will host images for free. Here's my favorite:

imgur is a great service and they make it really easy by providing you with the code to insert the image. Here's a screenshot of what to copy after uploading:


And then you just paste that right into the edit section.
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