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Niagara Falls makes the list!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:23 pm
by 5-hole
... of MOST DANGEROUS CITIES in AMERICA. Here is the link, followed by the complete list of Top 100 ... I went ahead and emphasized the NYS cities. I would note that Lewiston, NY is NOT on the list.

And for the sake of "fairness" (that being the most important word and goal in America), I will note that my area of Atlanta came in at #33. I would also note that I live some 25 miles north of that city, that I venture into that city as infrequently as possible and that I am always accompanied by my friends - Glock, or Smith and Wesson. ;) ... angerous/#

rank city
100 Pompano Beach, FL
99 Nacogdoches, TX
98 Jackson, MI
97 Tallahassee, FL
96 Kissimmee, FL
95 Carbondale, IL
94 Albany, NY
93 Mount Vernon, NY
92 Lauderdale Lakes, FL
91 Council Bluffs, IA
90 Columbia, SC
89 Schenectady, NY
88 Kingsville, TX
87 New London, CT
86 Farmington, NM
85 Youngstown, OH
84 Bessemer, AL
83 Danville, IL
82 Chicago, IL
81 Goldsboro, NC
80 Rochester, NY
79 North Miami, FL
78 Newark, NJ
77 Minneapolis, MN
76 Milwaukee, WI
75 Dayton, OH
74 San Bernardino, CA
73 Paterson, NJ
72 Houston, TX
71 East Point, GA
70 Lansing, MI
69 Orlando, FL
68 Tulsa, OK
67 Elizabeth, NJ
66 Lowell, MA
65 Fort Myers, FL
64 St. Petersburg, FL
63 Sumter, SC
62 West Hollywood, CA
61 Richmond, CA
60 Hot Springs, AR
59 Norristown, PA
58 Brockton, MA
57 Fort Pierce, FL
56 Nashville, TN
55 Rocky Mount, NC
54 Kansas City, MO
53 Holyoke, MA
52 Philadelphia, PA
51 Niagara Falls, NY
50 Poughkeepsie, NY
49 New Bedford, MA
48 Fall River, MA
47 Cincinnati, OH
46 Miami, FL
45 Alexandria, LA
44 Bridgeton, NJ
43 Springfield, IL
42 Lake Worth, FL
41 Hartford, CT
40 Washington, DC
39 Daytona Beach, FL
38 Springfield, MA
37 Battle Creek, MI
36 Compton, CA
35 Buffalo, NY
34 Cleveland, OH
33 Atlanta, GA
32 Pine Bluff, AR
31 Trenton, NJ
30 Stockton, CA
29 Homestead, FL
28 Desert Hot Springs, CA
27 Texarkana, TX
26 Rockford, IL
25 Baltimore, MD
24 Little Rock, AR
23 New Haven, CT
22 Salisbury, MD
21 Harvey, IL
20 Harrisburg, PA
19 Memphis, TN
18 Oakland, CA
17 Spartanburg, SC
16 Inkster, MI
15 Myrtle Beach, SC
14 Chelsea, MA
13 Riviera Beach, FL
12 Newburgh, NY
11 Pontiac, MI
10 St. Louis, MO
9 Atlantic City, NJ
8 Wilmington, DE
7 Flint, MI
6 Detroit, MI
5 Camden, NJ
4 Saginaw, MI
3 West Memphis, AR
2 Chester, PA
1 East St. Louis, IL

Re: Niagara Falls makes the list!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:20 pm
by le
I see New Haven , Hartford and New London are all ranked in the top 50. Exactly after 7PM, only venture into these areas with the necessary defensive capabilities.

As a kid growing up in once rural NW CT, I never fully understood why my Dad (former WW2 Marine) always traveled "locked and loaded" on vacation trips to dangerous destination points (Cape Cod -60's, Maine Seacoast, Nova Scotia ,Adirondacks. Green Mountains) . Now, I fully understand based on the current climate, he experienced a bit of paranoia for obvious reasons.

Re: Niagara Falls makes the list!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:13 pm
by 5-hole
I thought this was pertinent to the conversation on this board awhile back about safety of NU students ... following the death of a student in an off-campus apt.

Re: Niagara Falls makes the list!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:50 pm
I know we have acquired a lot of debt for the science building and our current dorms(not apartments) are debt free but we need to improve student housing to keep more kids on campus. I recently proposed to the university that we have a mini campaign to build four more houses in Varsity Village using all equity, about $4 million. You can put your name on one of the then 10 houses for about $300K. Whether we do that, or find another way to do it we need to find a way to replace current obsolete dorms, like Clet. Than we can handle debt for new incremental housing. I think kids want independence particularly in their junior and senior years so building more houses and apartments is the way to go

Re: Niagara Falls makes the list!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:55 am
by le
Agree, NU should institute a 4 year residency requirement which would alleviate any adverse off campus incidents.