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Questions for New Yorkers

Postby 5-hole » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:09 am

Recently the ad on the link above has been running regularly in Atlanta, extolling the virtues of NYS for business. The ad includes some vague references to tax breaks for businesses and middle class but mostly focuses on the state building more infrastructure and their past history of infrastructure and building accomplishments.

My question(s):
-Has NYS lowered its tax structure? If so, only for the middle class (as referenced)? ... seems to me that members of the middle class are not the ones making decisions on moving a business to NYS - or starting a significant business.
-Are those in the top income brackets still being taxed at confiscatory rates that have forced many to move out of the state?
-And how does NY's "lowest middle class tax rates in 50 years" compare to rates in other states?

And perhaps a question that is just as critical ...
-Is NYS now a right-to-work state? IMHO, nothing drives more businesses away faster than having to deal with unions, union rules, union negotiations, threatened strikes and union thugs.

I am just wondering why NYS is advertising in Georgia ... I really have a hard time believing that many businesses in the South would seriously contemplate a move North.
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